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Newly formed a cappella chorus wins national award

Mt. Pleasant, MI  March 02, 2011


There are lots of musical ambassadors in the central Michigan area – singers, dancers, bands of all genres. Few, however, can claim international status, and none capture the essence of pure harmony like a pair of award-winning, male a cappella choruses based in Mt. Pleasant.

MountainTown Singers is preparing to represent Michigan’s Pioneer District for the fourth consecutive year at the International Convention of the Barbershop Harmony Society this July in Kansas City, Mo. Its fledgling youth chorus, Northern Rhapsody, recently earned rave reviews in its competitive debut at the Barbershop Harmony Society mid-winter convention in Las Vegas.

That’s sweet, sweet harmony to the ears of both group’s members, particularly since Northern Rhapsody just formed this past fall. Read More--


2016 SAI Chorus Finals

1. Rönninge 3098 
2. Rich-Tone 2983 
3. Harborlites 2875 

4. Skyline

5. Christchurch City 2803 
6. Pride of Portland 2777 
7. Song of Atlanta 2689 

8. City of Lakes


9. Woodlands


10. Buffalo Gateway



2016 SAI Quartet Finals

1. Frenzy 2799 
2. Windsor 2727 
3. Lustre 2714 
4. Finesse 2659 
5. ClassRing 2651 
6. Spritzer 2649 
7. GQ 2527 
8. HEAT 2520 
9. Milli Blink 2498 
10. Glamour 2472 


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