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2011 Directors' Seminar, Judge Training & IMAP Workshop

July 20-23, 2011  California, Pennsylvania


Achieve Artistry Together

Front-line directors (including novices), assistant directors (DCP participants only), retired master directors, regional directors coordinators, regional education coordinators, and members of the International Judging Program and Music Arrangers Program are invited to attend the 2011 Directors' Seminar, Judge Training and IMAP Workshop.


Arrangers: Engage in a full-day workshop with fellow International Music Arrangers Program members to further your development in the art of arranging music in the barbershop style. Classes include instruction in Finale, song selection, and exploring musical devices to increase artistic expression.


Adjudicators: Enhance your understanding of the program by engaging in category discussions as well as with hands-on application via a live-judging event.


Arm Wavers: Expand your knowledge with craft classes on music selection, conducting technique, rehearsal planning, performance practice, musicianship and more. This seminar also features an optional, additional day of instruction with Lori Lyford and Karen Breidert for Novice Directors. Read More--



2016 SAI Chorus Finals

1. Rönninge 3098 
2. Rich-Tone 2983 
3. Harborlites 2875 

4. Skyline

5. Christchurch City 2803 
6. Pride of Portland 2777 
7. Song of Atlanta 2689 

8. City of Lakes


9. Woodlands


10. Buffalo Gateway



2016 SAI Quartet Finals

1. Frenzy 2799 
2. Windsor 2727 
3. Lustre 2714 
4. Finesse 2659 
5. ClassRing 2651 
6. Spritzer 2649 
7. GQ 2527 
8. HEAT 2520 
9. Milli Blink 2498 
10. Glamour 2472 


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